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Grant Requests

Application & Guidelines

The purpose and objective of the Huachucans' Charities is to render constructive civic services for the welfare of the community, Sierra Vista and Southeastern Arizona, primarily through the monetary support of selected youth activities. These guidelines and instructions are used in conjunction with and are helpful in filling out The Huachucans Charities request for funding.

Each request for assistance is individually considered by us in light of general guidelines (summarized below), all attendant and special circumstances as well as our available resources. While we would very much like to honor all requests fully, we regret that we are unable to do so. No applicant should interpret our inability to act favorably on a request as a failure to appreciate or recognize the value or level of effort, dedication or achievement involved with the activity or program described in the request. Organizations that are approved by the IRS as a 501(c) (3) with a Tax I.D. are usually considered ahead of organizations that are not.

These guidelines and instructions are by no means comprehensive and are generally applied with other factors of a subjective nature. The general summary of our contribution guidelines is for informational purposes only. The fact that a particular program or activity may not specifically fit within the guidelines should not be taken as an indication we will not support it and should not necessarily discourage the submission of an application for assistance.

We suggest that the Application for Funding Form be accompanied by a letter or other material providing additional information supporting the request. It is particularly useful and will assist us in acting upon the request if supplemental information is provided to us bearing upon the guidelines noted above (to the extent applicable) or any other extraordinary circumstances or factors the applicant would like us to consider. Absence of information may result in deferral of our consideration of any application.

Given that we have limited resources, our actions upon a particular request will usually depend on the answers to the type of questions below, which should also be answered in a cover letter by the applicant and answering these questions:

  • Is the organization an approved 501(c) (3) with a Tax I.D.?
  • Is it related to youth amateur athletic or outdoor activities?
  • Is there a genuine financial need, which is unlikely to be satisfied by other sources?
  • Exactly how will the contribution be used and why is it an effective use of our resources?
  • Is there a special service, opportunity or achievement involved?
  • How will the contribution benefit the community?
  • Age – Generally, we have restricted contributions to athletic and outdoor programs and activities involving amateur youth under the age of 21 unless disabilities or other extraordinary circumstances exist.

Please note: We DO NOT provide funding to other organizations that would provide our funding to a third party, our grants must be used by the requesting organization for the purpose provided. In addition, we generally do not provide funding to any organization that is funded by City, State or Federal sources.

Contributions to organizations – There are many non-profit organizations which provide worthwhile and valuable services to our community. Requests to us for contributions by organizations are more likely to receive favorable action if the requests:

  • involve the population and activities we have targeted to assist (see above), and;
  • are for specific, capital-related or program needs and are not requests for general budget support for undefined purposes or activities.

Out of town, state, country activities – Eligibility or invitations to participate in events or activities "away from home" frequently reward the effort and achievements of a variety of local amateur athletes and teams. We realize that this can represent a great opportunity for a variety of reasons, however, due to the expense involved and the increasing number of requests that we receive along these lines, we generally will not be able to act favorably unless:

  • The event or activity involves sanctioned, championship-level competition sponsored by a qualified national sports federation, as opposed to the "good will" or "friendship" invitational events; and,
  • The applicant has finished 1st or 2nd in the sanctioned qualifying event; or,
  • Participation in the event or activity is the result of unique and extraordinary effort and accomplishment (with special consideration given to those with disabilities).

With respect to applications we approve, we ask that in exchange for our support:

  • Funds provided by us will be used only for the purpose specified in the application with such additional restrictions as we may inform the applicant of when funds are made available.
  • Funds provided by us and not used for the purposes for which provided be returned to us for reallocation.
  • Upon expenditure of the funds provided, the activity/organization provide a short note describing the results of the activity or program, an accounting in reasonable detail of the use of our funds and, if requested, documentation in the form of receipts, etc for the funds expended.

Failure to comply with these requirements will make it likely that future requests will not be honored.